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Less Hassle, Less Money

October 1, 2010

Everyone wants to start their holiday, arrive on time, no hassle, and not have to worry about flights delays, getting lost and arriving late.  Equally local key holders do not want to put their life on hold, hanging around for families to arrive at 6pm, when they might not arrive until 10pm.

The answer is simple, which is cost effective.  I have over 90% of my owners now operating a small key safe located at the properties.   A win-win situation for all three parties; owners, key holders, and clients.  The owners don’t have to pay meet and greet fees to their key holders; the key holders are not hanging around waiting for families to arrive, and families can arrive at their leisure, not having to worry about being late and calling someone on arrival.

The keys don’t remain in the key safe indefinitely. The key holders simply put the key in the safe on the day of arrival when they put the welcome packs in the property.  The families are given the key safe code before arriving.

We are dealing with private holiday accommodation, and it is exactly that. We need to move away from the “holiday package, holiday reps” style.   We are not trying to add value in this respect, instead offer complete privacy, no interruptions, and have a local team on the scene only if needed.