Car Hire – Alicante – GoldCar – Costs for allowing you take a car away with a “Full Tank”

And another visit to Spain, and once again taking car hire at Alicante.

We purchased the car hire online before travelling.  

When we arrived, we were charged for fuel (a high fee), but we accepted that. We knew that as our car hire was only for a few days (less than a week), if we returned the car back with a full tank, we would be getting a refund.  We duly returned the car with a full tank of fuel (even took a photo of the tank being full before handing back the car). We noticed that we only had a partial refund of the fuel (some 26 euros less than expected). We raised the issue direct with Gold Car, and they advised that this is a charge for allowing us to take a car away with a full tank of fuel.  We did not know anything about this, hidden in the T’s and C’s and marked on your car hire agreement in the right hand corner as FLEX FUEL (SDR). 

Whether you return the car with a empty tank, or a full tank, you will be charged this additional cost.  Perhaps this is something that needs to be checked out when choosing which car hire company to rent with.  It is not obvious when you initially book.


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