Car Hire Spain

A recent visit to Spain, and hiring a car at Alicante airport, left me with a bill for over £30 for car insurance top up for 3 days car hire which I did not know I agreed to.   I had purchased the car insurance top up before arriving, and through the car hire agent.  I booked through who have been invaluable during the many times I have used them.  I had used Firefly in Spain; we queued for about 2 hours to get our car.

When I signed the  car hire agreement, after saying I had already purchased the insurance, and had the document with me; I did not spot that they had added the top up insurance. The first I knew was when the charge appeared on my credit card.

It seems to be such a hard sell, I would recommend writing on the car hire agreement ” TOP UP, OR ADDITIONAL INSURANCES NOT REQUIRED” and therefore if any dispute in future, it might stand you in good stead.

I would also recommend purchasing the top up insurance before you arrive; as it will usually be less expensive.

If you are going to hire a car several times a year, an annual top up insurance may be the least expensive route.


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