Electricity Costs in Spain – Airconditioning…

Electricity costs in Spain can be more than the cost per unit here in the UK. With the necessity of air conditioning in rental properties (the demand is generally for properties with air conditioning), it leaves owners with high bills, and often with no or little control over these costs when other people are using their property.

Owners need to be proactive in educating clients on the high costs; and one of the ways to do this to make them aware of how it will hit them financially if they are not respectful with leaving air conditioning units on when they are in the property.

There is a ‘secondary’ electricity metre on the market. This has no impact on your primary electricity metre, and your electricity supplier will not know about the ‘secondary’ metre’. The metre is installed, and works on the basis of electricity cards, which have no real value, but are programmed to be for example 10 euros each.  You can buy them in a batch of 100 cards.

I supply 25 euros per week with each booking;  if customers want to leave the air conditioning on all day and night, then they have this choice and use  more electricity, and can purchase more cards. If they do not purchase more cards, the electricity in the property will  (can*) go out (as this is a secondary supply, there is not real cut-off of power by the electricity company).

* in some instances you can have things excluded from running through the secondary metre, such as a pool pump would not want to go off in the height of summer if customers do not pay for more cards.

Camposol Heating is one company that can supply this – http://www.camposolheating.com/




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